Short guided tour (40 min) Price
Adults 30,- Kč
Reduced-price ticket 20,- Kč
Standard guided tour (65 min) Price
Adults 50,- Kč
Family ticket 150,- Kč
Reduced-price ticket 40,- Kč
Children 30,- Kč
Long guided tour (85 min) Price
Adults 70,- Kč
Family ticket 220,- Kč
Reduced-price ticket 60,- Kč
Children 50,- Kč
Special guided tour (150 min) Price
Adults 90,- Kč
Reduced-price ticket 75,- Kč
Children 60,- Kč
Extraordinary guided tour (270 min) Price
Uniform price 150,- Kč

The Long guided tour is offered from May through October. In July and August we may also offer additional routes, such as the Short guided tour and the Standard guided tour. The Special guided tour is offered during the "Common Weekends in the Králíky fortified sector". Please check out our website for more details. Updated information will also be posted at the ticket counter of the museum. The Extraordinary guided tour will be available on a few special occasions, such as Holidays or anniversaries.

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